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Successfully navigating recruiting challenges . . .

for over a decade.

About Cascade Recruiting

It’s simple.

We are on a mission to connect exceptional software professionals with companies who value them.

In pursuing this mission, we . . .

Operate with absolute integrity
We’re honest.  Our style is down-to-earth.  We treat candidates and clients the way we’d want to be treated.

Invest heavily in recruiting resources and training
We utilize cutting edge technologies and proven techniques to source and connect with A-players.  We stay on top of our game by participating in elite recruiter training programs consistently.  Our AIRS certifications are the gold standard in the staffing industry.

Are serious about our commitments
When you engage us, rest assured we have the time, resources , know-how and focus to succeed.  We are not to be confused with firms that take on as many searches as possible to increase their odds of  collecting fees.  Then, pick and choose which searches to focus on (based on their – not your – best interest).  When we engage in a search, we give you 100% . . . until an offer is accepted.

Promote a results-based culture
Our results-based fees and guarantees assure you don’t pay a dime unless we achieve your desired outcome.

Cultivate mutually beneficial partnerships
We establish win-win relationships based on mutual respect, trust and collaboration.

Could go on and on about how we accomplish our mission
But we think you get the picture ; )

Deeper Pool
Our smaller client base allows us to access a bigger talent pool.  What do we mean?

Many of our larger competitors have recruiting agreements with hundreds of clients.  They can’t recruit candidates from all those client companies.  If candidates are “off limits” to your recruiter, you don’t hear about them.

We only work with a handful of companies in each city.  This is by design.  It gives us – and you – the advantage of more recruitable candidates.

In today’s candidate-driven market, that’s not just a “big benefit”, it’s a huge advantage.

Perfect Formula
While we have the soul and work ethic of a small company, our recruiting resources parallel those of our large international competitors.

Double Speed
Although we act like a local company, we operate without boundaries.  Having Sourcers and Recruiters in opposite time zones allows us to work two days for every one you’re in the office.  The result is candidates for you – quickly.

Increased Value
As a privately owned and operated company, competing interests don’t exist.  This allows us to make decisions that foster long-term partnerships and increase our value to those we serve.

Betsy David, Founder | Recruiting Director

betsyPrior to founding Cascade Recruiting, Betsy spent 15 years as a trusted talent acquisition partner for companies ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500s. Throughout her career, she has consistently been a top-producer in both account management and recruiting roles.  In 2005, Betsy co-founded and managed a well-respected Colorado based staffing firm, The Hire Advantage.

Betsy’s track record of success includes filling direct-hire and contract positions within diverse industries including: medical device, healthcare, hi-tech, insurance, telecom, ecommerce, entertainment, infrastructure engineering and more.

She has partnered with organizations such as Hewlett-Packard, Level (3) Communications, Lehman Brothers/ALS, Cendant, Davita, Ping Identity, Sopheon, Affinity Group, Amadeus Consulting, Hart Intercivic, Reed Group, MWH, FiServ, LifePics, IBM and dozens more.

Betsy’s up-to-date AIRS recruiting certifications include:

Advanced Internet Recruiting | Diversity Recruiting | Social Sourcing

For more about Betsy, view her   View Betsy David's profile on LinkedIn.

Connect with Betsy on LinkedIn or at

O’Malley, Top Dog 

headshot_dogThe real top dog at Cascade Recruiting is O’Malley.

Prior to joining us, O’Malley was spotted roaming the parking lot of Coors Field and taken into custody at PC’s Pantry in Boulder, CO.  After an impromptu and unorthodox interview at PC’s, O’Malley graciously accepted our offer (at least that’s how we interpreted the enthusiastic face licking).

Although O’Malley doesn’t talk about her past, it seems she was a Lead Mischief Maker with a Colorado based organization for three months prior to developing a passion for recruiting.

We Would Love The Opportunity To Impress You.