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Fair. Flexible.


Service Fee Options

Flat Fee

Activate a search by paying a nominal launch fee.  After three hireable candidates are presented, another small payment is due.  Then, a placement fee is invoiced on the new hire’s start date.  All three payments are flat fees.  The sum total is always less than 15K.  If the search doesn’t produce a minimum of three strong candidates, you never pay the second fee (even if you make a hire).  If you don’t make a hire as a result of our search, you don’t pay the final placement fee (which is the largest of the three payments).

Head Start

Grant us a head start on select positions and we’ll deliver discounted fees and insanely awesome performance.  You see, the duration of the head start is based on our results.  If we don’t perform, you open the search to our competitors.  If you’re happy with our results, extend the head start and take advantage of the savings. It’s 100% your call.


Partner with us as your exclusive recruiting resource for specified high-priority or tough-to-fill positions and experience unparalleled performance at reasonable rates.  We guarantee the results of this exclusive partnership will impress you.  If not, you don’t pay a dime. Think of it as getting retained search services without the budget-busting fees or strict contractual obligations.

Fixed Cost

Use a fixed cost approach to control and cap your investment. In this model, you tell us what your hiring plans are for the next 3, 6, 9 or 12 months.  You indicate the role you’d like us to play.  We agree on a set budget.

“Regular” Contingent Search

From time to time, we agree to regular contingent searches.  Search fees range from 20 to 25 percent of new hire’s first year base salary.

All our fee agreements offer:

  • A generous discount when we identify and place a candidate as a result of tapping into your employees’ social networks.
  • Guarantee entitling company to free replacement or money back if a candidate doesn’t work out.
  • Fair pricing that emphasizes performance and results.

Want pricing details before talking with us?