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Advantages Of Partnering With Us

Small Company
Big Benefits

Our smaller client base means a bigger talent pool.

What do we mean?

Many of our competitors have recruiting agreements with hundreds of companies. Those companies are “off limits” when it comes to recruiting candidates.  Meaning, candidates can’t be recruited away from clients.

By design, we work with just a handful of companies in each city.  This means fewer companies are “off limits” to us.

Thus, the talent pool from which we recruit is much larger than many of our competitors.

This gives us – and you – the advantage of more recruitable candidates.

Big advantage, huh?  We think so.

We promise your position is always a high priority for us.

When you engage us in a search, we focus on it . . . until the position is filled.

Why would we mention this as a differentiating factor?

Because some firms take on as many searches as possible hoping to increase their chances (statistically) of filling positions and collecting fees.  Then, they prioritize positions based on a variety of factors including:

– ease of filling position
– amount of money to be made
– relationship with client

On top of that, some firms allow recruiters to pick-and-choose which positions they work on without requiring that each position receives coverage.

Not us.

We dedicate an experienced Candidate Sourcer and Senior Technical Recruiter to every search.  This focused team works on finding and assessing candidates until an offer is accepted.

Will you notice a difference?  Based on feedback from our clients, we think so.

Here’s what clients say about our service and results.

High Priority Guarantee
Dependable Service
Quality Results

In-depth Screening
Accurate Submittals

We go far beyond matching technical skills and company culture buzz words.

We dig deep into career aspirations, values, behaviors, passions and performance.

Candidate screening is comprehensive and customized based on your input (as opposed to a routine screening that may not be 100% applicable).

This means you spend time reviewing candidates who are completely qualified according to your technical and cultural specifications.

How do we know we match better than most of our competitors?  Our clients and candidates say so!

We aren’t claiming to be C# Gurus, Open Source Sages, or Multithreading Scholars . . . but, we are consistently told our technical screening is more relevant and thorough when compared to other recruiters.

Nor are we claiming to be Career Psychologists or Organizational Development Experts . . . but, it’s clear we excel at making long-term matches.

Here’s what clients and candidates say about the accuracy of our matches.

Recruiting isn’t a one-size-fits-all scenario.

With us, you have options.  We offer various service and pricing models so you can customize without sacrificing exceptional performance and results.

Learn more…

Pricing Options

Synthesized Best Practices
Superior Results

A partnership with Cascade Recruiting gives you the best aspects of common recruiting models accompanied by unbeatable service and results.

If you are interested in learning about how our model compares to others, please email or call 541.389.1668 to discuss.

The Advantages Don’t Stop There!